I once knew this incredibly talented and artistically gifted person. She was intelligent, educated, wise and possessed incredible creative vision. In contrast, at that time, I was scientifically schooled and mentally conditioned to focus on WHAT IS, rather than what CAN BE.

From my consciousness studies, I knew that using our imagination is critical for growth and attracting new opportunities into our experience. Thus, when I was in her presence, listening to her verbalize her plans, dreams and the possibilities she envisioned - I was in awe. I felt like I was in the presence of a master of imagination! I wanted to learn how to do that better for myself!

Fast forward some years after our initial meeting, and this insanely blessed person was spiraling into bankruptcy - slowing losing everything. I rushed into to see how I could help or contribute to her situation, thinking this had to be a temporary downturn. I mean, I had seen her implement her intelligence and imagination to generate 5 figure job opportunities within a few days! How could this situation happen? Was I wrong about the power of imagination?

After much reflection, and stepping back from the situation to learn more, I discovered there were actually TWO things going on with her, which previously I had failed to discern the critical difference.

The first issue is the faculty of imagination. Imagination is how we open up our awareness to allow the Higher Self to offer us new options for our lives, or to present solutions to our problems, etc. It’s such a highly creative, generative state, that the Princeton Consciousness Labs have proven that human imagination can swing statistical computers out of randomness! That is, the human consciousness field can affect computers at the quantum level! She had developed this faculty and it helped her immensely - at times.

The second issue was magical thinking, or day-dreaming.This can start off like imagination, but it can become a mental addiction, not unlike the way virtual reality or video games reward the brain into thinking it had actually ACHIEVED some outcome, when nothing really changed in the physical world.

Instead of using imagination to help herself in her situation, she was mentally detaching FROM her problems, envisioning she was someplace else or maybe even someone else. Sadly, the last I heard of her, she’s on welfare, unable to create anymore. The world has lost another amazing talent.

How can we learn from this?

Imagination is working for you whether you like it or not. You can use it to solve your problems, OR you can use it to imagine the worst case scenario in your life, which is called WORRYING.

We all worry, because our subconscious mind tends to think about survival issues. What we need to do is open up our minds to the Higher Self to offer solutions to our situation, as well as creative ideas for new opportunities for growth. Using my BlueGrid(R) Meditation is a great way to train yourself to cultivate your Higher Self connection.

The second thing which we must learn to avoid is “magical” thinking, i.e., Disneyland. This is imagining situations which can be so removed from your current circumstances, that you get an emotional surge of excitement (stimulation of the reward center in the brain), but you are left with no real, tangible ACTION STEPS to implement.

If after the envisioning, you don’t have a desire to take immediate, measurable action steps toward manifesting that vision, then it is just “magical” day dreaming. Your consciousness field cannot bridge that state to your current one to help you. Essentially you created a "brain rush" AS IF something positive occurred, but lost all the creative energy that was meant to help you create your life. This was the addiction that beleaguered my friend.

This is not to bring you down, but to help you maintain and strengthen the bridge between how your consciousness is sustaining your present physical state, AND applying that incredible inner power you have to shape the quantum field to bring new life and blessings into your experience.

Having worked with so many talented, gifted creatives, healers and solopreneurs, who’ve all struggled with this issue, I hope this post helps you to better utilize this priceless consciousness faculty to work FOR your goals, as it was designed.